Your Comprehensive Guide to find Indalex ladders

The ladders are an essential item for every home. But just any Indalex ladders won’t do. When choosing a good, all-around ladder, aluminium is an excellent choice. Here is some general information about aluminium ladders for Australian customers.

What size of ladder to choose?

Whether it’s a step ladder, loft ladder, indalex platform ladders or attic ladder, consider measurements carefully. A ladder that is too short can cause you to stand on steps that are not safe. For example, you should not stand on the third-highest rung of an extension or on a straight rung or the second-highest rung of a ladder. When choosing an aluminium ladder, an important consideration is the working height, that is, the maximum acceptable height for safety and comfort. For extension ladders, the working height is approximately 1 meter (3 feet). For pitted ladders, the working height is approximately 2 m (6 ft).

What about ladder ratings?

When choosing an aluminium ladder, remember to consider its rating. In the Australia, ladders must conform to British Standards. British Standards come from the British Standards Institute (BSI) and apply to the performance of products. For ladders, the BSI determines the type of use and load level a given ladder will withstand. Certified ladders carry the BSI, which means the manufacturer has paid to have the ladder tested and certified. If your needs fall between the two ladders, choose the stronger one.

Ladder Rating Explanation

Once you’ve decided which aluminium ladder to buy, remember that each ladder, from aluminium scaffolding ladders to aluminium extension ladders to aluminium ladders, falls into one of 3 rating categories. Class 1 ladders are generally intended for heavy industrial use. Their load rating is 175 kg. If you plan to use your ladder a lot or expose it to rough duty in a home or work environment, choose a Class 1 ladder. EN 131 ladders, also known as Class 2 ladders, conform to the European standard that defines business quality ladders with a load rating of 150 kg. EN 131 ladders perform well in work or home environments. If you only need a ladder for home use, choose a Class 3 ladder. A Class 3 ladder has a rating of 95 kg.

In addition to working around electrical sources, aluminium ladders are easy to handle and safe to use. They are popular with Australian homeowners, who find them affordable and versatile. Established in 1965 we are a family business, initially serving Birmingham and the Midlands but now delivering throughout the United Kingdom. We continue to grow based on our reputation as a supplier of high-quality ladder and access equipment at unbeatable prices.

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