How To Deal with the Learning Difficulties of Your Child?

Many students in schools have some kind of challenge as they grow and learn. These difficulties may only appear once they have begun formal schooling. It can cause undue fear and stress on the parents after realising their child needs extra support. That stress will also fall on the shoulders of the child. The top Gurgaon schools recognise this and have created special needs departments that will help children navigate these difficulties without segregating them.

I advise parents to take a balanced view of their children. Remember, all children have strengths and all have areas needing improvement. This is true of us as adults. It’s important for parents to see the specific learning disabilities of their children as targeted areas for improvement, rather than a defining characteristic.

The best schools in Gurgaon have highly trained educators who are experts at assisting students with reading, writing, spelling, etc. Often, with their support, students overcome their difficulties. Early intervention is key. Parents shouldn’t pressure their children, they should come alongside them to help them grow.

Thanks to the National Education Policy 2020, the CBSE has evolved and so are the schools in Gurgaon. The best CBSE schools in Gurgaon will have additional services for a variety of difficulties. Special educators trained for helping students with disabilities work closely with classroom teachers to support each child. Occupational therapists are on hand to assist with physical development. Counsellors help both children and adults navigate life challenges. Schools today have much to provide. In the past, students were left largely to struggle without getting targeted help, or worse, told they were not smart.  Creating a label for children leads to treating them differently than others. Rather than giving a label, educational and medical experts are able to properly identify the underlying cause for difficulties. Parents should be open to getting professional input so that bespoke plans can be crafted for the student.

There is no one right approach that works with every child. By working as a vital member of the team, along with the school, the best plan can be crafted.  If outside services are taken up, those professionals can also connect with the school to have a voice in the plan. With everyone in alignment, the student can be working on the same interventions at home and school.

There are also many parent support groups for parents of children with specific disabilities like autism. Other parents can be a great resource and support for these difficult life situations. Some things a student may have to deal with their entire life. It requires immense patience and understanding from parents.

Parents should find a school that has the expertise and passion for helping individual children grow into the best version of themselves. A team approach that incorporates kindness, patience and professional expertise will yield the best results.

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