Benefits of Custom ERP Development For Agriculture Industry

Agribusiness serves as the backbone of the food supply chain and in many ways drives the global economy. Agriculture is recognized as a driving force in developing countries as it is the main source of income for the majority of the rural population.

It is clear that increasing agricultural production contributes greatly to the economic development of a country. Strengthening the agricultural sector through technology-driven cultivation techniques should therefore be a top priority for public/private agribusiness as well as government agencies.


In addition to implementing smart farming technology with the use of IoT devices, having an ERP system is becoming increasingly important. Custom ERP development for agricultural management enables agricultural and government agencies to efficiently manage food supply chain processes. From procurement to production to distribution, ERP software enables automation of all key agricultural business functions. It also significantly reduces  overall production costs, increases productivity and speeds up food processing. Let’s discuss the main benefits of custom ERP development for agricultural management.


Crucial ERP Features For Agriculture Management

ERP implementations in agricultural management should be tailored to cover the most critical areas such as livestock tracking and crop residue management. As such, the functionality of his agriculture-based ERP system can be significantly different compared to other use cases in the industry. Custom ERP development for agricultural management typically focuses on implementing the following features:

Regulatory Compliance

To ensure the safe handling of crops and food resources, it is imperative that agribusinesses and organizations  comply with government-imposed regulations. Therefore, a farm management ERP should include compliance features that allow agribusiness companies to align their operations with local regulatory guidelines. Compliance features also enable close monitoring of farming activities, with a focus on quality control.

 Financial Accounting


Financial accounting is the most requested ERP function and is required in all business areas, regardless of industry. Similarly, financial accounting is an important aspect of farm operations and effective financial management requires dedicated software modules. Without an ERP, financial management can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention the potential for errors in manual processing. Therefore, it is important to have a dedicated ERP module to effectively manage various financial management processes.

Additionally, with the availability of BI tools and predictive analytics capabilities, ERP can significantly improve financial planning and lead to effective decision making.

Livestock Tracking

Several large poultry farms and meat processing plants use custom ERP software solutions for livestock tracking and breeding management. We can also develop custom ERP solutions to monitor animal health and schedule veterinary appointments as needed. It also creates a tamper-proof record of past veterinary visits and medication history.

Field Mapping

In farm management, it is important to monitor field conditions and conduct field surveys to analyze soil fertility. In this context, ERP systems are becoming increasingly useful as they can extract relevant data from IoT sensors. Further processing and analysis of this data provides valuable information on field conditions and soil quality. Based on  data analysis, we also recommend the correct use of fertilizers in specific areas.


Crop Management

Active monitoring of crop quality in relation to atmospheric conditions is essential for improving agricultural productivity. Agricultural management custom ERP development can help you effectively manage a full range of agricultural activities. This includes important processes such as planting, tilling, fertilizing, pest control and watering. At the same time, we ensure that all activities are carried out according to plan to ensure efficient crop production and cultivation.

Why Choose Solufy ERP For Custom ERP Application Development?

We are a well experienced ERP software development company, providing 360-degree ERP solutions with multiple technologies for various business needs. Our Functional ERP Experts can help you to implement the right ERP systems & our practically experienced technical developers specialize in developing custom ERP solutions to meet your exact business needs. We have successfully completed several comprehensive custom ERP projects for startups, small to Mid sized businesses. Our end-to-end custom ERP software development services enable organizations to streamline operations, increase productivity and drive continued revenue growth.


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