Kids can enjoy 10 entertaining brainteasers on Bindu Batra Sparkle Mind

Do you know the significance of brain training for young children? Improving the cognitive health of young learners is only one of its many benefits. Little did you know that conventional learning alone is not enough to brain train and spike a child’s cognitive abilities. This is why multiple intelligence centres like Bindu Batra’s Sparkle Minds introduce a new, interactive, effective, and holistic educational approach.

Brain puzzles for kids are no new introduction. Think of the basic puzzles, Sudoku, and chess. These games are straightforward, but they work wonders in keeping the kids riveted. Solving a puzzle might sound easy. However, it does demand a fair bit of logic, understanding, and prompt problem-solving skills.

Besides, puzzles and brain teaser games for kids benefit young learners in big ways. Wondering how? Let’s take a look:

1.Sharpens the little one’s memory and thinking abilities

Brain puzzles for kids encourage children to use logic and implement a simple or creative approach to think of a solution. It works more like an exercise for the brain. Why only puzzles? Riddles, sudoku, crosswords, and a Rubik’s cube work like magic too.

2.Improves focus in children

Young learners are not often focused or attentive. One of the primary reasons why parents prefer summer crash courses for kids. Engaging the little ones in brain teasers and puzzles spikes concentration in children. Besides, it eventually rules out reluctance and anger in kids.

3.Stimulates creativity

Of course, it is a no-brainer that children need to think on their feet and exercise creativity to solve riddles and brain puzzles for kids. This encourages creative thinking in the little ones and contributes to an overall learning experience.

Are you curious to learn about a few interesting and popular brain teaser games for kids? Here are some example:

1- Riddles
2- Finding the mystery word
3- Scrabble
4- Picture puzzles
5- Match the colour
6- Math activities like Prodigy
7- Optical illusions, etc.

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