Which is the most reliable and affordable ERP software in India

If you are a small or mid-sized organization operating in the present business landscape, then

you need to invest in modern ERP software that is robust and affordable at the same time.

However, choosing the best ERP software in India can get overwhelming. Your search will end

with this article. The most reliable and affordable ERP software in India for your small business

is SAP Business One. But why, you ask?


Well, SAP Business One is an affordable one-stop solution that takes care of accounting and

finance, inventory, marketing, customer relationship, and other vital business activities.

Moreover, it also performs functions like data analysis and reporting. If this was not enough to

convince you, then take a look at the benefits of sap business one license.

Benefits of SAP Business One:

  1. SAP Business One adheres to legal compliances across 40 countries worldwide.
  2. The ERP software is available in 27 languages.
  3. It is highly compatible with all Microsoft products and Microsoft Outlook for smooth


  1. It is a complete IT solution with zero storage limitations or user restrictions.
  2. SAP Business One enables you to access data in real time and helps increase sales

and profitability.

  1. With SAP Business One, enterprises can get tailored business controls such as real-

time updates, reminders, etc.

  1. It is easy to implement, and swift implementations enable enterprises to get started


Now that you know why this ERP software is an essential investment for your business, you

may think that the SAP Business One license cost may be heavy in your pockets. Let's debunk

that myth.

The SAP Business One has two types of licenses.

  1. One-time license: You will pay a one-time upfront cost in this model.
  2. Perpetual license as a subscription: Here, the enterprise has to pay a monthly fee per

user and an annual renewal fee.

While the SAP Business One license cost will vary from company to company, an overview

suggests that the one-time license costs INR 99,000 and the other plan costs INR 50,000.

In the end.


Businesses of all sizes are rapidly unlocking the digital transformation treasure trove, and

modern ERP software is the key to it. SAP Business bydesign the ideal software for small-scale

businesses to enter the game.


Uneecops is Asia's #1 SAP Business One Partner, and we have a large pool of experts who

can help you get started in no time. You can also contact us for a free demo of SAP B/1 add-

ons and see our experts in action. So get in touch with us today!

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