How to Study with Becker CPA

To learn about the best way to study for the CPA Exam with Becker, read this article. With an integrated and guided review from Becker CPA, you may be able to conquer the CPA Exam on your first try.

However, you should know how to study using Becker CPA. For example, you should be familiar with how to create a Becker CPA Exam study schedule and use the Becker simulated exams. So, I’ll discuss these features. I’ll also go over the recommended study hours per CPA Exam Becker.

.Using Becker to Study for the CPA Exam

The Becker method uses pre-assessment quizzes followed by content review, ending with a final cram course. Plus, you can attend live or virtual classes and interact with instructors in other ways. Along the way, Becker’s online platform tracks your performance to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

1. Create a CPA Exam Study Schedule with Becker

When you start the Becker CPA Exam review with access for self-study, you’ll begin by establishing a study schedule. Your Becker CPA Exam study plan will help you plot out the content you need to review before your scheduled exam date. Plus, you can use the estimated Becker CPA Exam section study hours (see below) to help plan your time.

Likewise, you can work with your Becker success coach to establish learning goals and figure out how you’re going to reach them. And remember – if you stray from your Becker CPA Exam schedule, your success coach can help you get back on track.

2. Start Each Learning Module with a Pre-Assessment

The Becker courses are divided into learning modules. Each module starts with a pre-assessment quiz with 4-8 multiple-choice questions. These short assessments determine your base-level knowledge of that module’s content. So for example, let’s assume your quiz results suggest you still need to master certain areas. As a result, the adaptive learning platform will feed you material based on your weaknesses. In this way, you won’t waste study time on what you already know.

After you finish your pre-assessment, you have two choices:

  • 1. Start with a lecture-based review of the content presented in the learning module.
  • 2. Or, you can go straight to the application phase and answer MCQs and TBSs from the test bank in that learning module.


3. Get the Most from Each Becker Learning Module 

Once you’ve finished the pre-assessment in a learning module, you can proceed in several different ways. However, I recommend reading through the books and watching the videos. Then, I would start drilling questions in the test bank.

And remember: Becker has worked with over 1 million students and understands what it takes to become a CPA. After all, the Becker CPA Exam statistics and pass rates are so strong because of Becker’s study materials work. So trust Becker’s experience and get the most from your Becker course.

Watch the video lectures

The Becker courses include instructor-led videos that are reputable for the thoroughness of their content. Therefore, I suggest watching all videos in your course.

If you take notes, you’ll stay more engaged in the lectures. Although the videos are 10-60 minutes long, they are presented in 2-5 minute sections. So, pause the lectures when needed to get caught up on your notes.



Read through the Becker textbooks

I recommend reading through the Becker books. They can be helpful for everyone, even if you’ve been working in the field for a long time. The Becker writers are pros at distilling down the AICPA blueprints. So no matter your experience level, you’ll probably learn something new from the Becker books.

Read each answer explanation

As you work through the practice questions, you’ll note that the answers include explanations about why something is correct or incorrect. Even if you think you know the right answer, I urge you to read these clarifications.

Take the final review

You can take a personalized review session at the end of a learning unit. The e-learning platform gives you a mix of questions (both MCQs and TBSs) for a review of each unit after you think you’ve mastered it. The questions are based on your performance during the review course. Then, it calculates how your accuracy has improved. It compares your current performance to your previous performance to track your overall advances.

  1. Reach Out for Support

If you struggle to understand a particular concept, reach out for support. After all, Becker gives you several options for personalized instruction.

First, you can communicate with your success coach. Your coach will help you identify your learning goals and develop a path to reach them.

Second, you could post an exam-related question to the Becker forum. You will normally receive a response from a Becker instructor within a day or two.

You can also attend a live or live online class. Even in a live online class, you can ask your instructor questions in real-time.

And finally, if you choose the top Becker package, you can work with a tutor. With the Pro course, you can schedule up to five one-on-one tutoring sessions with a Becker instructor.

Becker CPA Mock Exam vs. Actual

Of course, it takes time to complete the Becker mock exams. So, you might be wondering about Becker vs the actual CPA Exam or how the CPA Exam compares to the Becker exams. Essentially, they are the same in terms of look, pacing, and functionality.

But still, how similar are Becker questions to the CPA Exam? Well, after you take a Becker CPA practice exam and compare your Becker mock exam score and actual score on the CPA exam, you might notice that your Becker mock scores are lower. That is, many candidates think that the Becker CPA mock exams are tougher than the real exam.

Therefore, is Becker harder than the CPA Exam? Well, many users think so. In fact, if you read comments on sites like Reddit, you’ll find some scores for Becker vs actual CPA Exam results. Basically, many users report that their Becker CPA practice exam vs actual scores differ by 10-15 points, sometimes even more. So are Becker CPA questions harder than the exam? It seems that yes, they are.

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