How Men Should Get Dressed To Hide Your Big Beer Belly

Some men push weight, while others just carry it. While heavyset people have a separate set of standards for appearing nice, there is some overlap with so-called “skinny-fat” men who are not obese but may have a spare tyre beneath their shirts. It’s pretty insulting sometimes. Isn’t it? When your size is between “medium” and “large,” it might be difficult to find clothing that fits precisely, but there are some helpful criteria for selecting items that truly compliment your shape.

Well, fret not. We are here to help you hide that big tummy that makes you uncomfortable all the time. Especially on your date or business meetings. Get ready to find ways to look attractive with clothes that are a little too tight for you.

5 Amazing Ways To Hide Your Big Beer Belly

We’re all looking for balance—balance in our job, balance in our lives, and frequently, balance in our physical form. Here are some quick fixes to help you look and feel your best before you go out for the day.

1. Buy Shirts That Actually Fit

Most men make the error of buying shirts that are either too tight or too loose. Find a happy medium between what feels good and what looks perfect. Rick Ross looks great in this short-sleeve buttondown. The shoulders match up with his real shoulders, and even when untucked, it doesn’t bulge out to the sides or seem like a sack. Well, if you want to buy the new trending shirts for men that actually fits you well, head over to the collection where you can buy the shirts of your actual size using the size chart.

2. Avoid Tight T-shirts

Choose a standard fit over a slim fit. A typical fit must line up with your shoulder and hang close to your chest, with a smooth line all the way down to allow for some room to breathe in your stomach area.

3. Experiment With Prints, Patterns & Colors

Whenever you want to draw attention to anything, you usually emphasize it; in this case, we’re trying to do the reverse with the man’s midsection by selecting basic designs, patterns, and colors. If you’re a male seeking to disguise his stomach, use neutral hues like brown and beige instead of bright orange or neon yellow. This is also true for prints and patterns. If you enjoy checkered apparel, wear checkered shorts with a plain t-shirt. The busy design will draw attention away from your stomach. Or you can wear the same prints or patterns upside down to completely direct the attention away from your big belly. If you’re thinking your shirts + pants would look awkward in this. You’re not wrong. Try mens co ord sets instead.

4. Don’t Tuck In

Wear shirts without tucking in. The straight-line hides your stomach while extending and narrowing your torso. Avoid wearing oversized clothing, which might make you appear bigger. Instead, go for a genuine regular fit or a hybrid cut shirt that skims your frame softly.

5. Smart Layering Can Help 

You’ve probably heard this before, but layering is an excellent way to disguise tummy fat. In the summer, a shacket, shirts, jacket, or scarf works well. In the winter, consider shrugs, jackets, and long coats that slim your body and hide flab.


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