Cosmetic Industry and its Supply chain Challenges on a Global Scale

Cosmetics and the shipping and supply chain logistics business will be the focus of this blog post. While we provide services to a wide range of businesses, we believe that the issues faced by the cosmetics industry are particularly interesting. The logistics of the cosmetics industry are genuinely one-of-a-kind because of the wide range of products available, the wide range of colors and tints, liquid and solid compounds, unique but delicate components and so on. However, on the other hand, corporations are forced to reassess their supply chains when fresh and inventive products generate new worldwide trends. The distributors, on the other hand, must be able to promptly deliver products to meet demand, particularly in global economies.

All across the world, there are numerous brands that customers seek, adore, and rely on to meet their needs. To meet consumer demand and produce truly unique product formulas, it is becoming increasingly prevalent to import cosmetics from foreign nations. Examples include products that contain ingredients that are only found in certain regions of the world, such as the wild nature of Arctic Lapland, minerals from Israel and Jordan’s Dead Sea, hemp oils from Canada, and South Korean cosmeceuticals – all of which provide numerous benefits such as sun protection, skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-aging. Cosmetics are substantially more than chromatic lipsticks, fragrances, toiletries, and aromatically perfumed soaps and hand creams. According to Forbes, it is a giant industry that accounts for a $532 billion sector of the economy and is seeing significant expansion, with forecasts indicating that it will be worth more than $390 billion globally by 2024.

However, as spectacular as this quick expansion is, cosmetic and beauty firms face numerous risks related to product delivery along the supply chain. While quality control and supply chain management are crucial for managing demand and supply, lack of insight into logistics and transportation is a typical roadblock.

Cosmetic companies that do not invest in innovative supply chain solutions to maintain product quality prevent spoilage, damage, or loss will lose market share to competitors that do. Let alone the satisfaction of end consumers. This creates an opportunity for cosmetic distributors and logistics providers serving this market to innovate.


An efficient supply chain is critical for the cosmetics business to maintain a competitive advantage and meet retailer demands while balancing supply and demand. Brands must be more open and accountable to their customers as well. Brand owners have a responsibility to their customers to ensuring that their products are made with high-quality ingredients and raw materials. Companies need to make sure the quality of their products, including monitoring the temperature of sensitive products stored in a controlled environment until they are delivered to the customers.With global supply chain inefficiencies, it is not simple for businesses to achieve these expectations, and the cosmetic sector is no different.


Cosmetics are generally unique in composition, sensitive to temperature, and susceptible to harm owing to ingredient changes, necessitating special transit circumstances. It is also usual for cosmetic shipments to be handled by several parties and transported great distances via road, air, sea, and train freight. Along the trip, there is the probability of exposure to various climate and weather conditions, as well as to dry stopped storage spaces.

For both finished goods & raw materials temperature changes can cause loss of physical and chemical qualities, or product degradation.Inadequate planning, based on incomplete shipment information or lack of shipment condition monitoring, is a major cause of logistics inefficiencies, especially in the cosmetics industry. Throughout the supply chain it is ensured that cosmetics must be tracked and maintained. You can do this by logging detailed temperature data. Additionally, certain cosmetic shipping options are more practical and versatile than others.


It is becoming increasingly crucial for many brand manufacturing organizations to be able to not only track their products in the supply chain, but also their shipment conditions. Achieve a specified cosmetic batch and withdraw it, or at least learn what went wrong, and act accordingly.

A smart supply chain starts with superior assessing and monitoring shipment conditions at every step of the way. Supply chain intelligence is essential for beauty industries, says AWL INDIA CEO Rahul Mehra.


Condition monitoring includes analyzing variables along the supply chain for your cosmetics.AWL INDIA and other freight monitoring companies simplify this process by offering the tools and software essential to track products throughout their transportation trip, whether by air & cargo.

Condition monitoring often provides real-time insight into shipping circumstances, such as:

  • Humidity and Moisture
  • Sun or light exposure
  • Temperature
  • Location
  • Road Jolts

Fragile or vulnerable cosmetics, which are highly susceptible to mishandling, can be ruined by any of these. Unloading and loading products will be easier with a condition monitoring platform.



An efficient supply chain is critical for the cosmetics sector to maintain a competitive advantage, meet retailer demands, and overcome supply and demand difficulties. All stakeholders involved in the cosmetics supply chain must pay close attention to the quality of their products.

A change in the attributes of components might cause cosmetics to be destroyed, necessitating special transit circumstances. Product spoilage, flaws, or damage can harm a producer’s or distributor’s reputation.

As with other sensitive cosmetics, we actually advocate engaging in a temperature monitoring system that helps to track the quality of your items from arrival to departure, with the latter being the final destination.

AWL INDIA’s condition monitoring technology identifies wasteful routes, faulty cold equipment, and adds an extra degree of security to your cosmetics. Are you seeking for a means to keep track of your shipments’ progress? ‍

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