How to take better photos of your baby at the beach?

If you are on vacation, it’s the perfect time to spend time with your family. And if you have a baby or toddler, surely you have to take a photo of it in loads of occasions. You can take advantage of those happy days to take pictures of your baby at the beach. They will have a good time, while you will keep fond memories of those days, which they will also enjoy when they are older.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or the family is bigger, the first time a baby is on the beach is a great adventure, for them and for you. To capture all these moments and keep them forever, we give you here some ideas for taking better photos of your baby at the beach. Also take a look at our post of general tips for taking photos at the beach.

How to take better photos of your baby at the beach?

Time of day is important for your baby’s light and protection

This advice can be applied to babies as well as children and adults. If you photograph someone at the beach at noon, you are going to have a portrait with half-closed eyes and very hard shadows. On the other hand, if you choose to take the photo at sunrise or sunset, the light will be much softer and your baby will feel more comfortable than with strong light. And you can also capture the beautiful colors of the sunset in the sky. But above all, don’t forget to turn off the flash!

If you are on a beach with trees nearby, or have a parasol large enough to create a large shadow, you can place your baby under that shade for a photograph. You just have to make sure that it is completely in the shade to enjoy uniform light. And it’s important to protect your baby well from the sun, so don’t forget to put on a hat and sunscreen.

Use water in your composition for photos of your baby at the beach

You can make very interesting compositions if you use water as the background of your photo. Not to mention that it will give depth of field to the shot, for an impression rather 3D than 2D.

If you want to take a fun photo of your baby, try having him sit in a place with a little water, such as a puddle left by a wave. You can lower the angle at which you will be photographing so that half of the image is water. Let your baby play with the water and take as many photos as possible when he is splashing in the water. The more pictures you take, the more likely you are to have a fun one. But make sure the puddle is not deep, your baby’s safety comes first.

For more natural photos of your baby at the beach, let him move spontaneously

For photos of your baby at the beach, you will tend to want to get their attention all the time to stare at the camera lens, such as DZOFilm lens or Irix lens, but sometimes it’s more natural to pick up a specific reaction or other type of behavior. to have a better photo. You can just leave it on a towel or on the sand and let it move around. As has been said, you will obtain more natural images.

Take a high angle shot to give it perspective

From an artistic point of view, photographing from above offers a unique perspective for the viewer. It is an interesting point of view because it is original.

Not to mention that this point of view of your baby gives a sentimental touch since it will reflect your way of seeing him in general, throughout the day. And that’s when you least realize it that you’ll look your baby straight in the eye or worse, look up so you can see his head! It is therefore a nice memory to preserve this point of view so special.

Be free to show your hand outstretched towards the baby in the picture, highlighting the way he is holding on. Symbolically, it can tell a lot and when you see the photo much later, you will surely be moved.

Use shallow depth of field to attract attention

To be able to center the image on your baby, we recommend that you use a reduced depth of field. Basically, it consists of giving a blurred background. To do this, you will have to open the lens diaphragm quite a bit, to allow more light to enter it. On a very sunny day at the beach, this can be problematic. To achieve better control of the amount of light, you can use an ND filter and thus block some of the light that reaches the lens.

Observe your baby’s details at the beach

If your baby is discovering the beach for the first time, it can be a great experience for him, and seeing his reactions and capturing them with all his emotion will become a beautiful memory. You can focus on the details of how your baby interacts with the beach, for example, observing how he digs his feet into the sand or noticing how he touches the waves and with what expression he does so. It is true that the details can count a lot in this beach experience for your baby.

Don’t forget the fun in photos of your baby at the beach

To give your baby photos at the beach a fun touch, don’t neglect the fun side. Why not include something in the photo? The objects that we are used to taking to the beach often have striking colors that can give a special touch to your image: towels, balls, toys for playing in the sand, etc. You can, for example, wrap your baby in a towel or photograph him when he is completely immersed in his game.


When you have a moment to consider the light, composition, perspective and detail, your ordinary photos of your baby at the beach will become extraordinary. And you don’t have to be a professional photographer to get spectacular photos of your baby. You just need to apply a few tips on beach photography, then experiment with it until you get the results you want. This will give you precious memories of your vacation with your baby so you can remember them over time.

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