Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking

This Trek discovers two popular famous routes of Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum Valley Trek, it’s one of the least explored and ventured regions of Nepal Himalaya where you can enjoy wonderful scenic moments within its pristine environment enclosed by high peaks and hills. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking is one of the most secret and incredible valleys, the picturesque settlements resided by various ethnic communities, their unique rituals, culture and lifestyles and many more, you also can extend your trekking to another amazing mountain valley called Nar-Phu valley as well.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is one of the routes of the popular adventure in Himalayan Manaslu, the trail leads you to exciting adventure around remote and isolated areas of high north Gorkha district within Nepal Far North Mid-West Himalaya, Tsum valley is one of the exciting and least explored mountain valleys in the Manaslu region, besides it is also regarded to be a sacred valley. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking is one of the most challenging, adventurous, and virgin trails in the Manaslu region of Nepal, Home to centuries-old artistic Buddhist monasteries and nunneries, prayer wheels, remote villages, unique lifestyle and practices, exotic flora and fauna, breath-taking landscapes, and stunning views of Himalayan mountains.

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