Can Non-Military Personnel Wear American Flag Patches?

Civilians wear American flag patches and military uniforms on occasion. A civilian may wish to wear anything that belonged to a family member who served in the military or want to make a fashion statement. So, wearing American flag patches is OK and lawful for civilians? However, Civilians can put American patches on their clothes without offending military personnel. Wearing American patch is a symbol of support for the military and patriotism.

How Do You Put The American Flag On Your Clothing?

When worn appropriately, the American flag makes a patriotic statement. There are ethical guidelines for displaying the American flag without insulting it or the people who have fought to defend it. The first decision is where to place the banner. Patches of the American flag are generally place on the top sleeve or over the left chest. The most frequent way to wear the flag is on the right or left sleeve.

When there are numerous patches on the sleeve, the American flag patch should always be on top. This demonstrates that you prioritize your nation over all other allegiances. Along with these regulations, the flag should be treat with respect, which means it should not be defile or mark in any way.

Moreover, writing over the flag using a marker or gluing other patches to it may be deeme insulting and violate the US Flag Code.

Is It OK To Wear A Reverse American Flag Patch?

When display appropriately, reverse American flag patches are allow. Where are people permit to wear reverse flag patches? The patch with the reverse flag should be wear on the right arm. American flag patches that are changes not adequately “reversed.”

Furthermore, the flag is simply view from the other side as it is usually display. A true American flag with two sides that are placed on a pole or staff has two sides. The canton, or blue field with stars, is always close to the flagpole or staff. This allows the red and white stripes to sway in the breeze.

As battalions raced into battle in the early days of the US Military, the stripes on the flags would stream backward. The field of stars is in the top left corner while standing to the left of the flag bearer. The canton is in the top right corner while standing on the right side of the flag bearer.

The positioning of the American flag patch mimics how the flag flows when carried into combat. It also shows the dedication of those who served.

Moreover, the “reverse” American flag is wear on the right sleeve, while the standard flag patch is worn on the left. The canton is facing forward in both situations, with the stripes trailing behind. The reverse flag patch is rarely worn on the chest.

Soldiers and civilians, on the other hand, wear it on caps and backpacks on occasion. The flag should be put above all other patches in these instances.

Why Are Not American Flag Patches Wear By Marines?

Marines are not permit to wear flag patches on their battle dress (combat) uniforms in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Because uniformity is an essential aspect of being a marine, the USMC has always eschewed insignia and patches on battle uniforms. The only markings on the uniform are the “US Marines” patch above the left breast and a pin indicating Marine’s rank.

What Is The Best Place To Wear An American Flag Pin?

A flag lapel pin should be place on the left side of a garment, above the heart and left chest. According to the US Flag Code, the American flag depicts a living country and is consider as a living object. The lapel flag pin is a lifelike reproduction that should be worn close to the heart.

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