How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Positively Impact Your Life in 2021?

Dental problems are on the rise at an unprecedented rate. Besides, some of us have in-built dental defects. Buck teeth, gaps in-between the teeth, etc. are some problems that are some of the most daunting dental concerns affecting our smile.

There is a range of cosmetic problems with the teeth one can face in a lifetime. In this blog, we’ll try to cover most such commonplace dental problems that affect our looks, and although they do not impact our ability to chew, they pose us a big problem.

Below are some of them as follows.

1- Buck teeth

A wrong angle at the base of the front teeth, either only of the upper row or both, upper and lower row can be easily visible even to those casually gazing from a distance. Such a problem can have a significant impact on someone’s smile.

Fortunately, the condition is curable and can be treated under the realms of cosmetic dentistry. A Cosmetic Dentist Northborough can insert dental implants like braces or Invisalign. The treatment can progressively correct the angle of the teeth to perfection.

The cosmetic treatment is also effective in filling up the gaps between teeth.

2- Eroded teeth

Erosion of the enamel of the teeth is common. Unhygienic oral conditions like high consumption of sugar-based food, carbonated drinks, etc., improper maintenance of teeth health, namely not brushing twice a day, not flossing, etc., are the commonest reasons.

Chipped teeth not only appear deformed but also lead to other problems like teeth sensitivity. The problem is also progressive and needs to be arrested and given medical attention within time.

A timely consultation from a cosmetic Dentist Northborough MA, can be the way to deal with the problem. Dental vinyl is the most sought-after solution for such a condition.

3- Lost tooth

A lost tooth means a compromised bite force, or the bite force is spread over the adjacent teeth, which can often cause a lot of pain while biting hard foodstuff. A lost tooth also spoils our looks in public.

People with missing teeth can also be subjects of mockery.

The Best Dentist in Northborough who is skilled in cosmetic dentistry can help you restore your lost tooth such that your new tooth looks completely natural. Not only its size and shape but also its hue can match the rest of your teeth.

4- Yellowed teeth

People with unhygienic oral conditions, namely due to improper maintenance of the teeth, are affected by conditions like plaque. Tartar is an extreme case of plaque. Such worsened dental problems are difficult to deal with regular, routine dental sanitation activities like brushing, flossing, rinsing, etc.

Cosmetic Dentist Northborough MA can be the one who can use their expert knowledge and can help someone destain their teeth to near milky white color.

People with no reported tartar or plaque but with severe teeth yellowing can also benefit from dental procedures under cosmetic dentistry.

5- Receding gums

Although not so common, receding gums is a highly unpleasant oral condition. It can be painful and cause sensitivity to hot and spicy foods, and massively affect your smile.

Treatment like medication can be the first option; however, a restorative operation can be the only option in case of severely receded gums. A gum graft can give you the best and most natural look.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic dental solutions can be the ultimate or the only option for most dental problems. Lavana Family Dental Group is one of Northborough MA’s most renowned dental clinics that undertakes most cosmetic and general dental care works.

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