Looking for reliable and cost-effective one on one online classes for class 9?

Class 9 acts as a bridge between regular school life and being mature enough to take decisions that will shape the future of a student. Class 9 is the turning point in the life of every student where they have to become serious about their future career options.  However, the class 9 course doesn’t have much in common with class 10 but the syllabus of class 9 is tuned with class 11. The syllabus of class 9 is designed in a way that it forms the base of class 11. For example, in class, you learn the concepts and equations of kinematics and lows of motion. In class 11 you learn how to apply these equations.

CBSE class 9 syllabus offers the conceptual background for class 10, class 11, and class 12 simultaneously and also has a major role in several competitive examinations. Many students ignore the class 9 syllabus and jump directly to class 10 and end up regretting it. Most of the topics of class 9 will come in the competitive exams. It’s best to not ignore the syllabus of class 9, to minimize the added pressure of competitive exams after class 12.

So, students should focus on the topics of class 9 in order to ignore the added pressure of class 10, class 11, and entrance exams. Most of the students started to lose interest in studies of class 9 due to new concepts and topics. In that case, they need a good mentor that helps them in their studies and clears all their doubts. Students need a change in the teaching methods in order to continue their interest in studies.  To preserve their interest in new concepts and topics, students need a platform that helps them to maximize their potential and to score the best in academics and in competitive examinations.

In a group of offline or online classes, teachers can’t focus on all the students completely. In group classes, teachers are bound to listen to the query of all and solve them in a limited time. In that case, it is very difficult for the students to show their full potential and they have to synchronize with other students. Ekal Shiksha is an online learning platform that very well understands the problems faced by students nowadays. They provide one-to-one online classes for 9th standard to bring out the best from all the students.

At Ekal Shiksha we have certified, experienced, and highly skilled mentors for all subjects of class 9 which includes Maths, science, English, and Social Studies.

What advantages do you get from one-to-one online classes for 9th standard?

  • Customized lesson plans
  • A dedicated individual teacher
  • Hesitation free classes
  • Regular assignment
  • Auto message update
  • Chapter-wise test
  • Parental app

Ekal Shiksha is a systematic approach to focus on the progress of each and every student by providing one teacher to one student. In one-to-one classes, students can frankly ask their queries to the mentors and understand the topics at their own pace. In one-to-one classes, students feel less pressure on them and can learn the topics with more interest.

Thus, if you also want to join the best one-on-one online classes for the 9th standard, Enroll now with Ekal Shiksha and move a step ahead toward your bright future.

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