Why is class 11 commerce very crucial in every student’s life?

Class 11 commerce is very crucial in students’ lives as it begins the new concepts that students have never learned before. CBSE class 11 has brought new subjects and concepts for commerce students that help to administer their daily activities. How a student understands their class 11 commerce directly affects the economic development of the country in the future.

Class 11 commerce introduces the basics of accounts, business studies, and Economics that should be learned and understood deeply because these are the root of higher studies. If a student doesn’t take their class 11 commerce seriously, they will face a lot of problems in understanding the chapters in class 12 and in higher studies. Class 11 is the base of higher studies for commerce students and is also very helpful for competitive exams held by renowned institutions for further studies.

In class 11 commerce, students face lots of difficulties due to the sudden arrival of new concepts in their studies. Since class 11 commerce is the base of higher education for commerce students, all their concepts should be clear. To clear all the concepts and doubts of class 11 commerce students, there will be a need for a good mentor who will help the students in every doubt and in every new concept. Having a good mentor in class 11 commerce is very essential to score well in class 12 board examinations. Apart from this, commerce students can secure a renowned institution for pursuing their higher education with the help of good mentorship.

Ekal Shiksha is the one-to-one online learning platform that has a team of certified mentors from all over the country to help in the overall development and career planning of the students.

Ekal Shiksha has certified and experienced mentors for all the subjects of CBSE class 11 commerce which includes Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, and English. At Ekal Shiksha we not only provide the online classes for class 11 commerce, in fact, but all our online classes are also one-to-one, in which each student gets their own mentor. This concept of education started by Ekal Shiksha has helped many students to understand the chapters at their own pace and to enhance their potential.

One on one 11th commerce online class provided by Ekal Shiksha aims to revolutionize the standard teaching and learning methods. At Ekal Shiksha we very well know that each student has their own learning potential and in group studies, many students can’t show their full potential and can’t score well in academics. At Ekal Shiksha we provide one teacher to one student so that teachers can know about the learning speed and learning method of that particular student and personalize their teaching method according to them.

So, if you also want your child to enhance their skills and learn with their full potential in the 11th commerce online class, contact Ekal Shiksha.


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