Are you looking for online classes for class 11 commerce? Visit Ekal Shiksha

In the last few years, the concept of ongoing traditional education has changed very rapidly. With the rise in new technologies and the internet, education is not just about sitting in a classroom and reading on pen and paper. Whether it is college or school courses, everything is shifting towards online. Online education also helps students to become smarter as they are learning new technologies along with their courses.

A name that rises up in online education is Ekal Shiksha which works on the concept of one student one teacher rule. Ekal Shiksha is one of the leading and fastest-growing education technology platforms which provides one to one tuition classes to students of class 6 to 12. At Ekal Shiksha we have  a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers who work together to provide standard teaching and learning methods. We very well understand that each student has a different mindset and different learning capabilities. So, we personalized the teaching methods of teachers according to the students. The main motive of Ekal Shiksha was to brough a platform for the students who can’t concentrate or focus on their education in group classes. We bring a one-to-one platform where one teacher will be provided to one student so that they can show their full potential and give their best.

Why choose Ekal Shiksha for the best online classes?

 Ekal Shiksha delivers the result-oriented education system online and within a few years, it has proved that it is a perfect choice for the one to one online classes for class 11 commerce, science, humanities, class 12, science, commerce, humanities, and from class 10 to 6.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Ekal Shiksha for the best online classes:

  • Free demo individual classes
  • LIVE audio-video linking between the teacher and the student
  • Well designed individual classes as per time table to maintain regularity
  • Recorded live lessons for revision
  • Immediate Doubt resolution
  • The feedback system for students and parents based on academic performance
  • Weekly tests
  • Mock tests and monthly progress reports with improvement classes.
  • Visit Ekal Shiksha and book your free demo class today for better understanding and conceptual learning


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