How to write poetry for beginners

I have never recognized me as a poet but ever since i took the hold on pen, i started writing randomly on a piece of paper, that turned out to be one of the popular poem. Poet is not something we become but we practice. Poetry has no language, it is a language itself of heart. Poetry is a medium to express our feelings and experience to the millions sitting out there. Each one of us have something to express, we may speak, we may write or we may act but the purpose is we want to express. The very basis of loneliness is that we have none to express. I have started writing when i was lonely and later it was read by thousands and maybe millions and also i got featured two times in The year of Poet by Inner Child Press USA. One thing i learnt is never expect when you write just give out what you have. Make your voice louder than anyone else with your writings. The writings will take shape on its own. As a beginner you need to start writing on simple things and put what you feel about that thing. It`s all about your feelings and experience, maybe what you feel about other`s experience. Now what makes a poem great. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE-


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