The essential factors should be considered while choosing a RO

Water means is life for every living creature on this earth. Without water, the expectancy of life is nil. Therefore it is very important to have safe potable water so that any contamination could not cause any health risk.  Even water direct from bore well is not all the time fit for drinking. In that case, it becomes very important to install water purifiers or ROs to ensure safe and pure drinking water all the time. But, mostly a question arises that which RO or water purification process should be adopted and which device should be installed.

There are certain points that should be kept in mind while selecting the right water purification mechanism.

  1. Check the quality of water: There are different ROs available like MF, UF, UV+UF, etc. Different RO is have different functionality and installed as per requirement. The quality of water varies from place to place. The water with a TDS level from 70 to 120 and ph level of 7.5 is considered to be fit for consumption. Water from local administration might be having a good TDS level but still, it could have impurities and other heavy metals dissolved. Even water from bore wells has more chances to have heavy metals which could cause many health issues. Therefore before installing the RO get the water quality checked by a professional so that you can choose the right RO.
  2. Consumption: Depending upon the size of the family and usage pattern about how much water you need in a day, you should choose RO accordingly. Like in a small family, RO with 6-10 liters of storage and 120 liters/ day filtration capacity is perfect.
  3. Budget: Next thing is your budget. RO comes in different models at different prices. The price range of Ro starts from Rs. 6000 and goes on as per the features, facilities, and capacities.
  4. After-Sale Service: It is very important to know that how efficient is the after-sale service of the brand you are choosing. ROs need service at regular intervals, therefore, you should consider free services and other facilities provided by the seller.


Aquafresh RO is the best in class water purification solution providing all the features and facilities. It comes in great variety and capacity for both domestic and commercial use. Its multistage, digitally controlled, and automatic water purification system gives you an uninterrupted supply of pure, contamination-free and healthy drinking water. They also provide quality after-sale service with prompt resolution of your queries. So, if you are thinking to buy RO, Aquafresh RO Purifier (  would be right choice for you.

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