5 reasons, you need to visit palm springs

Just two hours of driving distance from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is encircled by mountains and has plenty of restaurants, bars, and spas. The city is a well-known tourist attraction site which offers a lot to its guests. Everyone should plan a trip to Palm Springs at least once in a while. There are many restaurants, hotels and other accommodations which make your trip more enjoyable. To explore the city with the feel of Locals, you can opt for palm springs vacation rentals offered by Find vacation home rentals. Find vacation home rentals is a platform that provides spacious and beautiful homes, villas, and apartments to visitors at very low cost. Apart from Los Angeles vacation rentals and palm springs vacation rentals, it also provides rental at other tourist places.

  1. The pool parties: In the summer when the temperature goes to 44 degrees celsius, there’s nothing better than enjoying in the cool pool. You can relax your body and mood by diving into a pool in the dry desert temperature of Palm springs. There are many hotels and restaurants, which provide the facilities of pools to their guests. It also offers day passes to other visitors and free access for the guests of hotels. You can also visit the Palm Spring swim center to enjoy the pool parties.  
  1. The food: Palm Springs offers a wide range of delicious foods to its guests. This city has diverse options from highly professional and creative chefs. You can explore the different tastes in this city which includes greek dishes, schnitzel, American and also the taste of Asian foods. You will find here the wide varieties of restaurants with multicourse meals, snacks, and luscious foods.
  1. The Aerial Tramway: Aerial Tramway is one of the unique attractions in the city of Palm springs. Its roams in the ascending mountains of about 5,800 feet in just 10 minutes. The car, suspended by a cable, offers an ascending, mountainous view. At the top of the mountain, you will find the cooler temperature up to 30 F to 40 F. There are plenty of restaurants, cafeterias, bars and gift shops at which you can spend your day in the chilling weather.  Before starting your hiking it is suggested to check the hiking trails at the bottom.
  1. The living desert: If you are an animal lover, then the living desert is the place for you. Located in Palm Springs, the living desert is a non-profit garden and zoo with a prominence of desert conservation of desert.  You can witness the giraffe, ostrich, lizards, snakes, cheetahs, camels, foxes, hedgehogs, and other amazing animals and birds. Every animal is roaming freely throughout the ground. There is also a petting zoo, from where you can get a chance to pet goats. Various restaurants and shops are also available in this area. For the ease of the tourists, shuttle tours are available that can guide you throughout your visit.
  1. The history: In the early days, Palm green witnessed most of the shooting of Hollywood movies. Just two and half hours from Los Angeles made it the first choice for the filmmakers and directors. It has always been the place where famous and rich people have their residences. Various tours offer a glimpse of the home of these famous celebrities. It includes the former residence of Frank Sinatra and the current home of Leonardo DiCaprio. Read more…
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