5 Technology Trends in 2021 in Indonesia

Technology certainly continues to evolve over time. The presence of COVID-19 has also succeeded in influencing digital transformation. What technology trends will dominate in 2021? Check out the details here!

Throughout 2020, people around the world have adapted to the new normal due to the presence of COVID-19. Not only in socializing and interacting with other people, adaptation also occurs in the world of technology. Throughout the year, all business sectors of the world community are required to digitize in accordance with current technological developments and trends.

This proves that technology is capable of disrupting almost all sectors of the business industry. Therefore, it is very important for modern society to be adaptive to the latest technology. Starting the year 2021, Forbes has informed the digital transformation of 2021. What are the predictions of the technology trend in 2021? Check out the details here!

5 Technology Trends in 2021 You Should Know About
1. 5G network

In the past few years, it has been frequently heard about the latest development of cellphone networks, namely 5G. There are several advantages to the 5G network, for example the network can connect with household appliances, telephones, and cars and has a 5G network speed that can reach 800 Gbps per second so you can download 30 movies in HD (high definition) quality in seconds.

At least, until the end of 2020 there are 101 cellular operators spread across 45 countries that offer 5G services. Indonesia is also planned to immediately accelerate the existence of the 5G network

With the emergence of the 5G network, it is predicted that humans will increasingly depend on cellphones and smart devices. In 2021, 5G networks will become increasingly mainstream. In addition, several cellphone brands, such as Apple and Samsung, are reportedly going to release 5G phones soon.

2. Increasing Interest in Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud and private cloud. Hybrid cloud can manage private cloud and public cloud by using tools in different cloud environments. In 2020, many large companies, such as AWS, Google, and IBM have invested in hybrid cloud systems. In the coming year, hybrid cloud will be a strategy by many organizations or companies.

The development of this hybrid cloud technology will also be increasingly in demand because it is more flexible to use than previous versions of cloud technology, especially in the development of company operations that are now required to move digitally.

3. Cyber ​​Security

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has made the digital world more developed, has made the need for cybersecurity increased. It is predicted that the use of a cybersecurity system will become a necessity for both the private and public sectors in the future.

The amount of data collected in the digital world makes hackers interested in hacking. Reports of cyberattacks amid the pandemic have increased and have had a major impact on individuals, organizations and companies. The work from home policy makes the company further increase the security of company and employee data. Therefore, in 2021, cyber security will be more and more in demand.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data, AI, and machine learning are the three things that are now widely used by companies and will continue to develop in the coming years. These three technologies can help an organization or company solve problems on a larger scale. For example, the use of AI technology is predicted to experience a new chapter, especially in supply chain planning.

The growing software and frameworks also encourage companies to make the development of AI technology a trend in 2021.

5. Enhanced Work from Home Support Technology

The percentage of information technology (IT) workers worldwide who work from home is predicted to increase in 2021. Not only that, in the coming year it is also predicted that there will be more technology-based companies. This certainly urges the presence of a variety of new technologies and applications that can support productivity from working from home.

Those are the five predictions of technology trends in 2021. It’s better if you learn first before this trend is widely used by every organization and company.

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