How To Get The Best Shipping Rates In Canada And Make Huge Savings On The Transportation Costs?

One of the major expenses for small or medium sized businesses is its shipping and transportation costs. So, the question arises; Is there is any method which can save costs or ensure that you gain the best results for shipping? Once you spending a large amount of money on shipping or relying on the services of an exclusive partner? If the answer to all the above question is yes, then you need to focus on the following strategies to save money. 

 How to get the Best Shipping Rates in Canada? 

 Many small and medium enterprises who are on look-out for Best Shipping Rates in Canada can make huge savings on their investment by using the following points – 

 Understanding your carriers demand and supply – 

 Most of the carriers provide ways to maximize their capacity and optimize the space inside their freight trucks for the best results. As a result, they charge different prices for different routes based on their existing capacity and its optimal utilization. 

Therefore, you need to have a clear idea about the following points – 

  • Deadhead – It refers to the fact when a truck driver returns with empty trailers. This is a monetary burden for the company as they are wasting their fuel to move an empty truck
  • Backhaul lanes – These are return trips to the point of origin and since these are difficult to fulfill, these can be given at a discounted rate
  • Head haul lanes are for those that have specific carriers that are ina proximity to give immediate capacity fulfilment

 Look for an insurance coverage-

Considering the cost of the insurance coverage, you may need to have somewhat pricey Best Shipping Rates in Canada. However, if you are not able to protect your product, it will cost more and create issues. You may end up losing your principal amount as well. 

 Hence, it is important to understand that both the cargo and money are precious and hence you need to work on issues like limited liability coverage and freight insurance coverage to get the best results. Read more…


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